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Schocken Architects

שוקן אדריכלים בע''מ

Schocken Architects Ltd. is one of the leading Architecture offices in Israel with a dynamic and diversified practice encompassing nearly all aspects of Architecture and Urban Planning. Schocken Architects was established in 1978 by Hillel Schocken, an eminent authority in both Architecture and Planning, who is a professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture at the Tel Aviv University were he served as director between 2004 and 2008. The firm’s offices are located in Tel Aviv.

Schocken Architects Ltd. has significant experience with a large variety of Architectural and Planning projects. Over the years Schocken Architects Ltd. were involved with the planning of large scale neighborhoods, housing and private houses, offices, public building such as museums and schools, industrial buildings as  well as preservation of historic buildings. The firm’s clients include government and municipal authorities, hi-tech corporations, academia, commercial corporations, real estate investors and the private sector.

Schocken Architects Ltd. draws on the experience of its staff to provide seamlessly integrated services to its clients, in a broad array of the architectural work.

Schocken Architects Ltd. is set to provide the full range of design services, including design project management, full coordination with teams of consultants and negotiations with local authorities.

Schocken Architects Ltd. is directed by architect Efrat Beredjik, a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with distinction, who commands a vast experience in managing teams of designers and consultants in large and complex projects.



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